Wednesday, May 24, 2006


How do you define a friend? If you grow up with a person,not related to you by blood, play with him during most of your free time, read together, share your past times and secrets with each other, what kind of a relationship do you share with him? If you do not call him your 'relative', what is the term you would use? A 'toy'?

I felt rather disturbed when I knew that Amir's father never acknowledged Hassan's father as his friend nor comrade, and frowned more when Amir confessed that he had never called Hassan "his friend".

I felt that this was due largely to the fact that their culture is strongly bounded by a class system. It is their different social status which is hindering the friendships in both generations.

Upon seeing this, I reflected that life can really be very unfair, for don't we all belong to one common race-THE HUMAN RACE? It is sad but it is happening. All over the world.


Blogger Logan thought ...

I did not see it from your angle. I saw it as a relationship that transcended friendship. But because of the caste (class) system, they had to be who they are. Like the author says "Nothing was ever going to change that. Nothing." Having said that, he continue with "But..." wanting the readers to read in the opposite direction, don't you think?

If Baba hadn't thought of Ali as a comrade, would he have "thrown his arm around Ali'"?

Sad to say caste system still exits in our lifetime and would forever. Look at India!!

9:59 pm  
Blogger shaz thought ...

i think even in singapore we have it too. between employers and domestic helpers. Many don't treat their maids with respect and dignity.

10:58 pm  

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