Sunday, August 27, 2006


Everyone's been missing in action, so have I. Well, my home's LAN wire is broken so I better get this quickly typed and over-with.

My Sister's Keeper - Typical American novel.

Fire element from the father follows the son, who creates fire and gets attention from the former. One extinguishes it to gain control, the other generates it to distract him from the problems at home.

And of course, my sympathy won't go out for Sarah, whose pathetic life revolves around Kate (is that her name? I don't have the novel with me and I finished it a month back). She's selfish and myopic in her quest to prolong her daughter's life. It was an overdose of maternal love, somehow. To balance the equation, Kate (is that her name?) surprisingly fills up the lack of consideration and love in Sarah by doing the unthinkable - asking Anna to kill her by refusing to donate any parts of herself anymore.

The twist comes at the end when Anna dies - transforming her into an eternal matyr and evoke pathos from the reader. How Hollywood. I'm not surprised that the novel's going to be made into a film. I'd like to watch it when it is screened, though. Just to see which cutie-pie Hollywood actress is going to be Anna. Prob a Keannu Reeves kinda guy for the brother, heh. As you can tell, I am pretty outdated with the names of Hollywood stars.

I didn't really like this novel and I finished it pretty quickly. It was an easy and smooth read, and I didn't pay much consideration of its literary value - or the lack of it. I would give My Sister's Keeper a rating of 4.4 over 10.