Monday, December 11, 2006


I finished reading The Teacher Man by Frank McCourt during a backpacking trip in Vietnam, and yes, I've actually read until Chap 6 of The Master and Margarita but I haven't gotten down to blogging about it yet.

Sorry, procrastination takes over during hols. I'm out of town again for a week of backpacking in Cambodia this weekend. Until then, yeah?

Meanwhile, The Teacher Man reflects pretty much of what I've been doing in my workplace - creating a presence and let the act flow rather than using the word 'nevertheless' in the room. But for next year's acting, I shall use his method of 'engaging' his budding audience by using nursery rhymes and food reviews. Interesting ideas and I am crossing my fingers in hope that my audience would be outspoken like the American kids.

Silence kills, you know.

Just like silence on a blog. Sorry.


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