Sunday, July 30, 2006

Chewing on my thoughts

As I warily laid on the chair at the dentist (why do some people call it the 'dentist's chair' when it's the patient who sits on it?) yesterday, I shut my eyes and winced in pain. It was a heavy and excruciatingly painful payment for not visiting the dentist for the past 4 years, especially when you've got two dented wisdom teeth causing problems. As I tightly sealed my eyelids, tensed palms clutching each other on my belly, I tried to think about what to blog on the first two days of the novel. So here goes my trail of thoughts on just two characters:

Brian is a fire-fighter who loves astronomy. Our profession also calls for us to fight sporadic or continuous fire all the time, doesn't it? I shall leave the fire-fighting qualities as that, since we know that Brian is the father-figure who tries to keep things in-control in the house - with an individualistic son, an emotional and distraught wife, a self-occupied sickly daughter and lastly, the youngest who holds the elixer in her bone marrow.

But to be an astronomist? Brian looks at the sky and has a knack of seeing certain patterns of the galaxy which most of us don't, if we are not into astronomy. He sees the bigger picture of things - 'It is so easy to think that the world revolves around you, but all that you have to do is to stare up at the sky to realise it isn't that way at all.' (pg 41) Unlike Sara (I assume so up to this point of the story) whose worries revolve around only Kate, Brian cares about Jesse and Anna besides Kate's conditions.

Sara tries hard to prolong Kate's life, probably also in an attempt to redeem her own failures, desperation increased by her sister's scorn.

As for the rest of the characters, I haven't really thought about it. By the time I got to Sara, my female dentist (who is clear in her explanations and prompt in solutions, but costly - I kept staring at her ring thinking about how much I contributed to it) was done! So there's that - my one hundred and twenty-five dollars' worth of contribution to this week's entry.

One thought to chew on with all of you - did your parents have a plan when they had you?


Blogger shaz thought ...

I like your take on Sara and her reasons for prolonging Kate's life. I didn't see it that way. I took it quite straight-forward - that she doing it for the love of her child. You're right to also suggest that Sara could be trying to do good her own shortcomings. Good insight Syl.

9:39 pm  
Blogger Ivan Chew thought ...

Must have been some book! I mean, you were thinking about it while at the dentist LOL

10:27 pm  

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