Sunday, July 30, 2006

Standing in someone else's shoes

How many times do we hear people saying this phrase? Easier said than done. This book really helps a lot by having each chapter written in the perspectives of one main character in the book. Before reading the book, I was thinking why would someone want to deny her sibling a chance to live? I would certainly not deny my brother a chance if this happens! (Touch Wood) Ya right!That is simply thinking things on the surface. No deep thoughts put into the problem. Without thinking, I would say yes! I will save him! Once you pass the impulsive stage and you start your deep thinking, Things change! What must I do to save him? How long will the process takes? How many needles will be poked? Will he be saved eventually? There are endless questions to ask. I forgot to ask how my brother would be feeling? It is so difficult to stand in someone else's shoes, to be in someone else's position. Even if that someone else is your closest kin... The giving end or the receiving end? Who is in a greater agony?


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