Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Book!

Fleeting thoughts, transient prints, whimsical desires.

2 more months to go in 2006.

I'm going to keep this blog going despite the disappointment. But well, it's Singapore, and I understand that living in this red ferocious globe seems to make us busy all the time. Yes, I mean all the time. Looking around me as I type this words - my table's really a sight to behold in my bedroom. Scribbles for a new script piled on an almost-hidden library book, my new 2007 organiser under my elbow, an unwashed Nalgene, a new Travel Planner under a Moodle DIY manual, an opened new notebook to plan for next year's YEP, a keychain from Krabi, a checklist for Monday's administrative matters, a pair of unused pink dumbells, Cambodian maps, a washed lunchbox. Such are the remnants of the past busy schedule and items of future plans.

I've not been sleeping in my room for the past nights, so my washed laundry, a new sportsbag I bought yesterday, a facial brush and cushions are strewn all over my bed.

It's hols finally and I have to get back in shape. No more procrastination and that means the same goes for this blog.

Enough ranting (sorry guys). Here's what I've been reading: 'Tis by Frank McCourt. I finished Angela's Ashes a couple of months ago and bought The Teacher Man, so I thought to myself, 'might as well finish the series'. I have this thing about reading all of the author's works since I got started on him/her - well, if the first one proved worthy of my time. I started this habit since I read Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles when I was 15 and got almost all her books until the late 1990s I think. The last few of hers that I've got are Violin, Memnoch the Devil and The Servant of the Bones. I've got Rice's Witches Chronicles as well, if anyone's interested.

I don't really fancy Frank McCourt because it's pretty narrative and straightforward, but it's interesting on the whole because his Irish life is different from what we have. And to view the American dream stemmed from his humble background in Limerick was insightful, echoing how the migrants would have desired and worked hard for.

I plan to finish this book pretty soon, then move onto The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. I started the first chapter before starting on 'Tis and it proved to be very thought-provoking, thus I decided to read it with more seriousness. Well, as compared to reading Jodi Picoult and Frank McCourt mindlessly anyway. I'll blog about The Master and Margarita as soon as I begin the first five chapters. Probably next week.

Anyone wants to join me?


Blogger shaz thought ...

HI syl, thanks for trying to keep theBC going. and yes, we all let work and what not, get the better of us. Well, maybe this can be a new direction for the BC - read your own and blog about it? Let se how it goes... With the hols coming round, I am itching to get back to reading again...

6:18 pm  
Blogger SeaLs thought ...

Ha ha, yup!

9:28 pm  

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