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The first time the author brought up this concept of 'irony' was through the story that Amir had written about the man and his pearls. (middle Chap 4) When I read it, I didn't think much about it, until Rahim Khan's note was read. I went back and re-read the story. As I got to the end of Chapter 4, the concept of irony became so apparent. Amir reads the story to Hassan and the latter's question, "Couldn't he have just smelled an onion?" and Amir's reaction to that innocent question made so much sense to me about the characters and the concept of irony which the author succintly introduces.

It dawned on me at that point the evident parallels that runs through the story - Amir, the poor little rich boy who had everything, but longed for his father's affection. Hassan, the despised and poor servant boy with nothing, but was intelligent, brave and had his father's affection. The man who had to kill his wife in order to have pearls which meant he had to be sad in order to be happy.

I don't know about you guys, but I haven't read a book as powerful as this one for a long time. So far, I have been amazed by the author's extraordinary penmanship - extremely subtle and poignant. I have 2 words which keeps popping up in my head, 'oh wow.'


Blogger yaya loves redbean thought ...

The first irony was really obvious with the story Amir wrote. To cry in order to be happy. When i first read the story Amir wrote, i was quite amazed with the ideas that went around in his head. For a young child to come up with such a story, it is quite fascinating. Does that mean that he is always having contradicting feelings too? Or he has to perform in areas that will make his father happy yet make him unhappy. Somehow i think the story he wrote reflects himself..
When Hassan pointed out the fact that happiness can come easily to the man by smelling onions and letting the tears flow without the sad feelings involved.That part really hit me! Ha!

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Blogger avalon thought ...

you guys might wanna take a look at
as they are doing the same book review.

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Blogger shaz thought ...

yaya, i didn't see that bit. You're right. The irony is also evident that way - Amir has to be sad in order to make his father happy, and in return he hopes to be happy as well.

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OKay, wait for me.. i have quite a bit to write... but up to my neck with so many things!

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Blogger SeaLs thought ...

Elaine, thanks for the link! =) My colleagues got quite excited when they thought you were a 'stumbler'. Hee hee

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