Thursday, June 22, 2006


Dear fellow readers of The Bookish Clubber bloggie and 'Kite Runner':

It has been a fun and exciting adventure starting up this bloggie. Setting up a blog out of spontaniety one hot arvo and generating Clubbing Rules at my cubicle with Logan, Shaz and Karen, Shaz choosing a novel, Shaz and I rushing around cubicles to help authorise members into the Club, yelling over Karen's cubicle as we discussed the tagboard and stat counter colours ...

Being a very young online Bookclubbing bloggie, we were thrilled being mentioned by the National Library Board within a week of its birth. Nudges to blog were given to each other when the timelines approached, and those who read ahead had a tough time keeping comments to themselves (ok, herself =P). All sorts of personal, experiential and literary bloggie entries were accepted as a bookclub consists of various kinds of people percieving the novel's themes and ideas from all sorts of angles. It is exactly this wonderful kaleidescope of insights which would make a bookclub successful. With commitment from its members, of course.

Up to date, we only managed to reach Phase 2 out of 7 planned phases. Then the blogging stopped. Of course, it is the holiday so some went overseas, some had no internet access, Shaz got married while the rest were busy attending her wedding (for the entire span of 4 weeks hols) and some chose to just read the novel rather than blog about it.

I deem the break from work might have been a good gauge at what all of us want out of joining The Bookish Clubbers. Some of us are visual-tactile beings (thus we enjoy blogging), and some of us just prefer to read the novel and shelve it aside upon finishing. We are all different. But as this is an online Bookclub, we would require an active member to have:
  • a passion to read
  • a fondness for blogging (or at least just typing one's perceptions about the novel)
  • a commitment to keep up with Discussion Dates, and
  • an open-mind to give opinions and accept opposing views from others

To conclude this lengthy entry, the Bookish Clubbers are proud to say that we are adamant to continue with this online bookclub even though the response for the first novel wasn't as what we had expected. For the next novel coming up (we'll announce it when it'll be), we would be greatly pleased to have members with the above 4 qualities to be in our Bookish Club. So if you would sincerely like to join The Bookish Clubbers, please leave Shaz or me a sms/note/tag/email so that we would know that you're ready to dive into this exciting adventure with us.

With Passion, anything is possible. Likewise, if we all could share the same passion for reading and blogging, The Bookish Clubbers would be a successful and pleasurable outlet for us to intellectually engage ourselves in social issues and themes through the magical realm of imagination and clever literary writing styles of writers in the world.

P.S: We might have a get-together to discuss about 'Kite Runner' over dinner after we attend Emeritus Professor Shirley Chew's talk on the 15th of July 2006 at the Central Lending Library about this novel. So far, we've only gotten Shaz, Karen and myself confirmed for the dinner and talk. Do give us a shout if you wanna join us, or just for a cuppa to relax. We do talk about other stuff, you know.


Blogger avalon thought ...

Hi folks

Good thing going here, still is! Keep it up. What is the next book? I didn't think Kite Runner has been excitable at all, from what I have been reading here. Hope it's a better one.

10:09 pm  
Blogger SeaLs thought ...

Hi E, thanks for the encouragement! =)

Any suggestions for the next novel?

11:40 pm  
Blogger yeng thought ...

Hi Sylvia,
Thanks for your entry!
You are totally right about us, about me, at least. I had no internet access at home and thus did not contribute anything during the school hols. Then again, you were also right that I was the type that was more keen in knowing the story line than commenting about it. Hee Hee.

nonetheless, I will continue my contribution now that the holidays are over.

5:24 pm  
Blogger SeaLs thought ...

Hey Karen...
Hee.. sometimes I like to just read and shelve the book one side quickly to move on to the next, and sometimes I like to ponder about another's stylistic writing and themes.
Thank you for your contribution and we are all very enthusiastic for the next bookish! You wanna chair it? Oh but before that, we are thinking of writing what we feel about 'Kite Runner' as a whole, so as to have a proper closure for the bookish. =)
Give me your comments - after all, we are all seated next to each other! Ahaha...
Now the public would wonder why we are using this avenue via the internet to communicate.... =D

8:33 am  
Blogger yeng thought ...


6:18 pm  
Blogger avalon thought ...

No suggestions really. I have an eclectic taste for books. I might as well be a sci-fi book fan. I generally like serious fiction, modern more than classic, and non-mega-bestsellers. You know me, I like Murakami, Kureishi, maybe Kundera, and now I am reading Kerouac.

But I promise I will listen in hard, here, if you guys pick one that interests troublesome me, and regardless of that, I will track the club's exciting journey!

4:44 am  

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