Friday, July 07, 2006

my i-like-it-i-don't-like-it approach

A minute ago, I went over to my bookshelf and scanned for the kite runner. It's been awhile. Like Syl, I am all set for the next book, and while I'm anticipating the next book, I have read several in between, albeit half reads.

So here it is. My little contribution to the literary world of bookish clubbers, though to tell you the truth, I only remember bits and scraps by now. (We mustn't stretch the bookishes too long! I can't remember! No more than 1 month please!) And I must add, I am no lierature student or teacher :) So here's a straightforward i-like-it-i-don't-like-it approach.

4 reasons why I enjoyed the kite runner

1. easy reading throughout - poignant, dramatic, reflective, exciting at times.
2. I like reading about cultures and places I'm not familiar with (in this case, Afghanistan)
3. no super duper long descriptive writing (like lord of the rings)
4. happy ending (it just has to be for me)

4 reasons why I didn't enjoy the kite runner as much

1. An unbelievable plot near the end (When Amir fights with Assef - come on! What are the chances of that happening!)
2. It got too predictable towards the end
3. Too straight forward a plot with hardly any surprises
4. Could have done with more insights on Afghanistan & the war.


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