Sunday, July 09, 2006

Nomination - the glass palace

the glass palace - vote me!

I think this is one of those books when on our own we'll never read. Its rich in its descriptive language, its historical and Asian. So, here's my sales pitch: Choose this book which we will all enjoy and at the same time we can be enriched linguistically and culturally but need moral support to keep going!

Here are some reviews found on the net.

Like its namesake, THE GLASS PALACE reflects different sides of many historical issues through its characters. Ghosh infuses warmth and empathy into the telling, bringing history to life in a way that's both subtle and strong: you become absorbed in the telling, in the events and characters; their impact lasts long after you've finished the novel. Rich in detail, lyrical and profound, THE GLASS PALACE is a book to be savored with your full attention. --- Reviewed by Jamie Engle

"(B)ig, bold, ambitious. It's novel as an event. Two centuries, three generations, three countries -- the size of its life is finely balanced by the enormity of its ideas. Here in this book of memory and movement, the agony of the refugee illuminates the idea of exodus, the power of the empire enhances the powerlessness of its keepers, freedom neutralises choice, and displacement is a permanent state of the dreamer. It's the human interest story of the great Indian diaspora, its loss and longing in the time of war and colonialism." - S. Prasannarajan, India Today

Sounds good right?


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