Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Nomination/Recommendation-- My Sister's Keeper.

I must admit that the first thing that caught my attention to this book was the innocent looking girl on the cover of the book. But of course there is more to it.This book is beautifully written through the perspective of everyone in the Fitzgerald Family. Everyone is searching for their purpose in life, what if your purpose in life was already laid out for you even before you were born....
Choose this book by Jodi Picoult to submerge yourself in this heartwrenching story about the Fitzgerald Family united in love yet divided in obligations and sacrifices. (inner thoughts) because I am halfway through and I cannot stop..

Oh and it is going to be made into a movie...
''My Sister's Keeper Premise/Synopsis:Follows a family in which a daughter has leukemia and her younger sister was conceived to provide a donor match. However, the family is torn apart when, after years of medical procedures, the healthy younger sibling sues her parents for the right to decide how her body is used.''

Some reviews

'Hope and heartbreak fill the pages of My Sister's Keeper, which Picoult describes as a sort of Sophie's Choice for the new millennium. "If you use one of your children to save the life of another," the author asks, "are you being a good mother . . . or a very bad one?" Blending science, philosophy, morality and ethics, this is a thought-provoking thriller that grips and won't let go. '

'With the fine instincts of an investigative reporter and intuitive storyteller, Jodi Picoult, already critically acclaimed for her previous best selling novels, zeroes in on the issue of genetically engineered children who are born to save their siblings lives. In the process, she creates a moving saga of a family faced with the inevitable loss of one of their own.'


Blogger shaz thought ...

wow... i am reserving my vote. Keeping fingers crossed.

10:13 pm  
Blogger shaz thought ...

what are her other books?

10:15 pm  
Blogger yaya loves redbean thought ...

Take a look at her website.

10:19 pm  
Blogger SeaLs thought ...

I vote for Yaya's book! SOunds kinda moving and angsty - i like!

1:06 pm  
Blogger shaz thought ...

I vote for yaya's book!

5:17 pm  
Blogger su thought ...

I vote for YOU!!!!!!! :)

10:53 am  

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