Friday, July 21, 2006

Official Start of the 2nd Book

First of all, Thank you for voting this bookish. Shaz said that I have to set the discuission dates, so here goes....
For those who have not gotten the bookish, please use this weekend to get the book.
You will find that this book is divided into chapters of days. Therefore i will be using this as a way to mark our reading.

Our Timeline for 'My Sister's Keeper'
  • Chapters Monday and Tuesday: 24/7-28/7
  • 1st Discussion: 29/7 onwards
  • Chapters Wednesday and Thursday: 31/7-4/8
  • 2nd discussion: 5/8 onwards
  • Chapters Friday and Weekends: 7/8-11/8
  • 3rd Discussion:12/8 onwards
  • Chapter New Monday to Thursday: 14/8-20/8
  • Final Discussion21/8 onwards
  • Bookish Clubbers Outing: 26/8

This bookish will last us for a month! Hope you will enjoy the bookish and do remember not to blog ahead of chapters.


Blogger yeng thought ...

My book is not labelled with days of a week but the names of each character like "anna", campbell", "Sara" ...

8:21 am  
Blogger SeaLs thought ...

Hi Karen
I flipped thru our version of 'My Sister's Keeper'. Page 6 has 'MONDAY' and page 45 has 'TUESDAY' on them. So that's the timeline... =)
Thank you for your comments on my bloggie!!

5:56 pm  
Blogger yeng thought ...

O, I just realised that too. that is before reading your post.I overlooked "Monday" because I thought it was the title of the poem, until i browse and saw 'wednesday'.

12:42 am  

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