Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Page Turner

"... a page turner ..." I quote Daily News, New Zealand.

It is indeed an intriguing book and a very different one indeed.

Firstly, it has no content page and most interestingly, the chapters are named by the respective character. This approach is new to me and it allows each character to be in the limelight each time unlike in most books, the protagonist is usually the narrator. It is really good as it allows each character to be his/her own narrator and we get to view things from their respective perspectives. I like it!

I also noticed one more thing as I browse through till the end of the book--not a single chapter is named after "Kate", the ill-taken sister. Does this means that the whole story revolves around her, yet she is not given a chance to speak for herself?

What a story. The whole drama finishes in about 10 days.


Blogger SeaLs thought ...

Kate speaks at the epilogue. Right at the back of the novel.

6:27 pm  
Blogger yeng thought ...

oh I see. thank you

7:28 am  

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