Sunday, July 23, 2006

Who's Right? Whose Rights?

After reading MONDAY, I gave my sister and my boyfriend the outline of our bookish. My sister said, "so sad." My boyfriend said, "That's precisely my (philosophy) exam question." I thought, "WOW".

Then, like always, he and I started an intellectual discussion, or rather, in his words, "you must first make your stand so that you can have a sound argument." And we went on talking about how a Kantian and an Utilitarian would approach such a moral issue and how an argument can be counter argued and how a counter argument can be counter argued too. What an argument!

The witty bit was like this,

"Everyone has the right to fight his own rights."
"She has the rights to her own body, but she does not have rights to everything. Like who gives her the right to damage other people's property?"
"She has her right to do anything she wants to just that she must face the consequences."
"Who gave her that right? GOD?"
"Everyone is entitled to human rights, right?"
"What about her parents? Do they have a right to her body?"
"Well, maybe. I know of many parents who claim rights over their children rights all the time."
"So who do you think is right?"
"Well, I feel that the parents are right."
"Don't feel. You must be sure who is right."
"Ok, I feel that the parents are right."
"Ok, then why didn't you say so."
"I said so."


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