Friday, July 07, 2006

the next bookish

As we close the chapter on the kite runner, we wait with anticipation for our next bookish. Want to nominate the next bookish? Here's how.

Clubbers, you have up to the 16th July 2006 to nominate the next bookish. To nominate...
1. Post an entry titled, "Nomination - (title of book)
2. Include a short intro to the book - author, synopsis, background
3. A convincing short paragraph on why we should all read the book

Please nominate 1 bookish only.

To vote for your choice... (which cannot be your own book, of course)

1. Add comment to your choice, "I vote for you!"
Please note that you can only vote ONCE! (Logan, please don't cheat by voting more than once, or by voting for your own bookish)

Nominations are now open.

PS. If your bookish gets voted in, you become the next chair. The chair's job is to set the timeline and nudge the discussions along if it steers or stagnate (or disappears).
PSS. When the new bookish is voted, clubbers are to indicate whether or not they are participating for that bookish's discussions. The list of clubbers are updated before we commence.
(Do take another look at Syl's entry titled "ANNOUNCEMENT" if you are not sure.)


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